My Childhood

Most everyone will say that they had a normal childhood and though it wasn't perfect it might have been happy.  Mine was a happy childhood but far from normal.  The nuclear family I belonged to exploded leaving my mother and biological father to pick up the pieces.

As a child, I always imagined that they would one day rescue the other from the torment of the past,  That I'd get my family back; who doesn't wish that?

When my mother remarried the fantasy world ended and thoughts turned to my new older sibling and the one that would soon be on the way.  My step father is almost the opposite of my biological father; one was more military versus the other creative.  Though, neither were ever the extreme, they always had something to show me.  For me to learn.

Moving has it's cost; though for me it meant that I would be left mostly on my own as my sister's issues and my seemingly good girl attitude gave my parents nothing but worry.  Rebellious isn't in my vocabulary but I guess neither is innocent.  I like to think I hit that happy medium.

I can't say that it was the best years of my life but I wouldn't be who I am without them.

My education

College.  Yes.  Those years.

Well, I can say for sure that it's all in the timing.  I love math.  Strange, I know.  As a Civil Engineer major I took math every semester.  When the teacher says that A plus B equals C, I can replicate to pass any class.  However, there is this issue with whom you learn from and when I took a certain math class, I lost all interest.

Lost for a while it took me several months to find direction.  It was easy.  Simple.  Reading had been my go to and in this I found my new major; English.

I'm still not the best speller, have some grammatical errors, and enjoy all those little English writing no-no's but it doesn't stop me from doing what I love.  Reading.  If it is my own story or another author I'm always down for a book, blanket, and a cup of hot cocoa.

Broomfield Photo 4.png

Until Recently

Met my husband several years back; 2002 we started dating and married six years later.  He has been there with me though thick and thin and not to forget that he also pushes me to do what I love; thanks Rob!

Found a company where I agree with their end game, the customer, and have stayed there since 2009.  Even though I worked on their financial adjustment team, I now help maintain their documentation procedures.  The day I accepted the new position in the same company I couldn't wait to tell everyone I knew I was finally using my degree.

Bought a house in 2014; still paying a mortgage but I love having our incredible space!  It was important to have our own spaces, something to hone our individuality, and mine has one singular purpose. Craft rooms are a must and I will never be able to live without one again.  That way when you find what you love you can build it a home and nurture the heck out of it.

Went to my first Comic Con (2017) - I know, no judging - and had a blast.  Can't wait to go again.  I went in my Alice in Punkland costume and was asked a few times by young girls who I was - another generation finding a love of the Steampunk way is fine with me.  Maybe they too will find a genre and apply it to their favorite character.  Could you imagine?  A cyborg Ariel or a zombie Bell?  The possibilities are endless.