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Published on October 1st, 2017

Published on October 1st, 2017

Kostr Veidr - A Short Story

In the world of Joldusteinn, a group of Vikings have ruled the planet for as long as anyone can remember. When one of the leader dies suddenly, leaving his wife and an eight-year-old daughter behind, the noblemen call for the ritual of Kostr Veidr. One that will require skill, cunning, and luck to fulfill and be the next konungr.  Though forced into the ritual, they hope to turn this terrible turn of events to their favor.

Called to Red - A Novella

Meteors impacted the Earth altering the course of human evolution and several hundred years later we are still learning the aftermath.  Nova, a newly graduated witch, leaves the confines of the capitol to travel.  Or, at least that is what she tells those she meets along the way to her home city.  To unlock her mastery tattoos and uncover the past that many choose to leave behind.  What she finds along the way only solidifies her need to heal the long broken world.


Eira's Bane - A Short STory

Part two to Kostr Veidr.

Just after the ritual, the castle is up in arms over the tricks of the ruthless konungr, and now it seems more than honor is on the line.

Taken to sea, will Runa be enough to not only fill the shoes of her lost father and keep her brother safe?

Or will the sea prove more ruthless than she ever thought possible?


Bastion - A Novel

The world ended a few hundred years ago and Bastion is one of the surviving cities.  In order to make sure that the world doesn't die again a system was put into place and many believe it works.  Though, in recent years it seems that the wolves beyond the wall draw closer as their food source travels.  But it isn't just the wolves on the outside that threaten the city.  Inside the system has been manipulated, altered, narrowed all in the claims of bettering their situation.  Except, one girl proves that this is the wrong direction.