These are a few characters I put together for the events in my local area (Renaissance Festival, Comic Con, Costume Contests...).  Like what you see and want something of your own?  Email me!


Apple Tree

You are probably thinking, what?  How did this come about?

One afternoon while thinking about Halloween, I wanted to be something outside the box and something I hadn't done before.

I think I reached it.

Two photos are of my 2015 office costume party where I wore make-up and boots.  The rest are of my 2017 remake where I have no make-up, added a wig, a new head dress, and flats.  Oh, and updated the umbrella.

Butterfly Fairy

This costume had a lot of firsts for me and I mean a lot.

The beige and purple shirt I am wearing was sent to me white, bleach perfect white.  So were the leggings.  To achieve this effect I used tea to darken the white a bit and then spent time adding purple die to the edges of the shirt.  The pants I did the same thing with purple, blues, and overlapping bleach.

Everything else you see here was bought as is and put together from various places.

There was also my first epic costume meaning the jewelry and added items have a story for this character.  Not that my first few costumes weren't a character it's that this one has a thought out background

Butterfly Fairy.png

2015 Renaissance Festaval

Lady Fox

Based off an arctic fox, this creature was a blast to make and fun to wear.  She was pulled together from many items from a single popular web site without having to make much.

Wore this one to the 2017 Renaissance Festival and plan on wearing it again for my company's 2017 costume contest if the decide to have one.

Alice in Punkland

By far my most favorite character yet.

Someone I made up by combining Steampunk with one of my favorite characters, Alice in Wonderland.  She has been done many times in movies, television series, and books.  I felt it's time for a new spin.

Taking the story you'll find the jabberwocky, a wing from the butterfly, a lock and key, fan and white gloves, the hedgehog, silver tea cup and saucer, and a few other hidden reminders of the wonderful tale.

The flamingo you see here I made; a pink cane, Styrofoam, paint, and feathers (a whole lot of feathers).


I call her the Gray Lady.

The top is something I bought (it is the exact same one as the butterfly fairy) but dyed it to fit my fancy. Using black on the white, it created this beautiful pattern of green and blue that somehow matches my hat.

The corset and base skirts (bottom three layers) are from another shop at the same festival, but with a sewing machine I think they fit a bit better.

The hat is hand made but leather is something I have yet to dive into. Intriguing but a lot of work. Thanks to the masters at my local Renaissance Festival, I think it is a great match.

Pearl earrings and necklace with a pearl broach sets it off.

Luckily with the era I was going for, no make-up which made for an easy time wearing the outfit at the festival without much of a fuss.